5 Day Coach Training

It’s Day 5 friends!! Follow Ups and Critical Next Steps

You’ve made it through 4 days of training! NEXT TOPIC: Follow Ups & Critical Next Steps

People don’t join without FOLLOW UP conversations. Just keep the conversation going!

Ask questions about THEIR needs.

If you are understanding, you’ll have INFLUENCE.

If you are focusing on what you want to sell, they’ll want to run. Selling should never be the focus. Focus on serving and helping them find a solution to their problem.

Not getting a reply is normal. People are BUSY and it’s a decision they may have to discuss with their spouse.

If they don’t respond or say no thanks:

On average, it takes 5-7 messages back and forth AFTER the invite to a group or coaching before the person will likely buy or join.

Don’t worry! People are busy and they may have not had time to respond to know what to say. You can follow up with them again later and say ‘hey! Not sure if you saw my message, wanted to check back in!” Or simply respond to a story of theirs or start a convo about something else and that should prompt them to respond to your invite.

Remember, most people won’t be ready to go after this first invite. That’s why you must keep showing up and sharing what this has done for you so that they’ll keep watching and say yes later. Most people come around at some point, you just never know when!

Just re-start conversation “hey, btw, how’s ____?” OR, comment on their IG stories or a post… It’s an easy way to open conversation back up! Often they simply got busy and forgot to reply!

Here are other ways to follow-up

Expect Objections and use *FEEL FELT FOUND*

Ex: “YES!! I know how you feel! I felt Shakeology was too expensive too!! What I found was there’s really no other whole-food-based product like it. I just assumed it was a protein shake. For me, it’s been the best meal replacement in the morning as it’s quick and easy to make and it keeps me full for 2-3 hours!  It has all the vitamins and nutrients to help me have more energy and curbs my cravings, too!)


CLICK HERE for next steps (this includes our team PDF we mentioned yesterday!)

Here is a helpful image for success club in case you’re already enrolling a new customer or Coach.

CONGRATS on completing your training!

Be sure & let your Coach know this is complete, and continue working on your New Coach Checklist you received in your welcome email.