5 Day Coach Training

Happy Day 1, friends!

Day 1 of our coach workshop! This workshop is designed to help me guide you as you take action in the early weeks of your business. Please know as you start out you’ll have questions and at times feel overwhelmed. THAT IS NORMAL! Don’t hesitate to ask questions. That is how you’ll learn and grow.

I want to remind you that your FIRST priority as a coach is to work on yourself. That includes committing to a workout program, getting great results from it (we’re all human, I don’t expect you to be perfect) to show that the products work, and doing personal development. How cool is it that it is our JOB to workout and to show others what is possible!? If you haven’t made your contact list yet, and/or you haven’t chosen your personal development book/audio yet, please do so and let your upline know.

By the way, watching the NWC weekly is a critical activity of your business. It develops your understanding and belief. BELIEF and UNDERSTANDING is your #1 asset. Mark your calendar to watch it every single Monday (or the recording). 

The National Wake-Up call is every Monday at 8am PST / 11am EST. Just go to the “Team Beachbody Coach 411” Facebook page to watch LIVE or the recordings. Or, there’s a Team Beachbody Podcast, too (this is my fav way to catch the replays!)

Today’s assignment is to watch this National Wake Up Call with Kelsey Hill, a member within our network.

It is an older one, but, she talks about SO MANY things you absolutely NEED to hear as a New Coach!!  Please don’t skip watching this one!! Take notes and make a list of your take-aways from this training.

Note: You can skip the announcements and recognition (usually they’re 30 min)