5 Day Coach Training

Hey guys!! We are so excited for you to jump into the basics of Coaching and helping others… This is your opportunity to introduce others to home workouts and an opportunity to earn an income from home!

It’s just a matter of planting the seed…

“Have you ever considered doing what I do?” or
“Have you ever considered at-home workouts?”

In response to THEM giving you some clue they have a need. What are their goals/struggles when it comes to health and fitness? This just starts the conversation. Just be genuine Watch the videos below and take notes.

Hopefully you’ve already seen these videos as they are in the Coach Online Office under “training” (if you haven’t looked here yet, it is a GREAT resource with a wealth of knowledge to help you grow your business! But, in particular, there are 5 videos for new Coaches that are short, yet, powerful and essential to watch 🙂 Please take the time to get through these either today, or, at least by the end of the week!