5 Day Coach Training

It’s Day 4! Inviting to a Group

Don’t overthink this!

  • What do I say?!
  • How do I say it?!
  • How do I set up a group?
  • How do I run a group?

No worries.. We’ve got you!

Please watch this National Wakeup Call with great tips on connecting and inviting to a group!! We have a team PDF available to you → Be sure to check out our team google drive & refer to your New Coach Checklist for this.

Who should you first invite?!  MAKE A LIST OF 20. These are your HOT market people… Remember, these are your “easiest” (aka family and friends who love you & trust you) and your “best” (people you would LOVE to work with and you think would be an amazing Coach).

HERE are examples of how to invite your list of 20. Keep in mind… You may not get people right away!!  It takes time and others want to SEE that you’re really in this. Not some fad and you’ll be onto the next thing in a few weeks. You need to build trust and CREDIBILITY!

You can even host a 3-5 day FREE group that speaks to a specific struggle, followed by immediately inviting them to your next group (a “paid” group). We have lots of guides for free groups for you — Ask your Coach if you want to do this. Again, all of these tools are in our Fit & Balanced team google drive linked HERE.

Again, don’t overthink this!  Our programs come with all the expert information and materials, you’re there to SUPPORT them!

A group just means you’re providing a place for people to cheer each other on, check in once daily on how they ate and their workout, share recipes!!, successes!, etc. Our team provides Challenge Group guides for you, and, don’t worry… You’ll be Co-hosting your first group together with your Coach (or upline!) EASY!!

Your task for today is create your list of 20 and start inviting!