5 Day Coach Training

It’s Day 2 friends!!  Let’s talk Social Media!

Watch this short video from one of our leaders, Kim DeLiema

Some additional things to keep in mind:

1. Facebook Like pages isn’t recommended yet

2. Aim for 3 posts a week on IG and/or FB (whichever platform you choose) and just stay consistent!  Feel free to use the same post for both IG and FB as you’ll likely have different audiences.

3. IG and FB Stories… aim for 7 stories/day (think: morning, noon and night to start.  Just start sharing YOU and little things about ya!  (don’t think too hard on this part!)

4. Don’t include your Beachbody links in your profile

5. Use unique/specific hashtags in the first comment below an IG post
(fitness is NOT unique and very ineffective whereas #FitRunnerMom is more specific) Aim for hashtags that have been used between 5,000-100,000 times until you grow a larger following. Don’t use Beachbody related hashtags

6. Use curiosity marketing – for example: don’t mention program/product names in captions.  Let people get curious and ask. You then comment “yah, it’s great! I’ll message ya!“

7. Use great lighting for food and selfies (face a window). Also- People want to see YOU so don’t use stock photos or quotes (those are great to share in your stories–Your friends and following want to see YOU and your experiences/journey!!)

8. After you post, check for comments within the next 15 minutes so that you can comment back and even start conversations in the comments. The more interactions happening beneath your post, even if they are your own comments, the more Instagram or Facebook will bring your post to other peoples newsfeeds

9. Use polls, question box or quiz (multiple choice) on your IG stories as much as possible.

10. Provide value in your posts by being relatable, helpful, funny, inspirational. As you get in the swing of it, start inviting to your next challenge group (we run these monthly with our team- just ask your coach when her/his next one is!).

Here is an image I have found helpful for new Coaches, particularly if you’re newer to social media & posting!